Brighter, safer and more ECO

Street lighting on the streets of Ostrów has been modernized. As part of the investment, 450 fixtures were replaced with modern LED lamps and 80 poles were replaced. Moreover, an innovative remote control system has been introduced, enabling individual management of each lamp. The entire project was carried out by the Kalisz-based company Street and Road Lighting.

Financing for the modernization of lighting was granted from the European Economic Area and the state budget under the "Local Development" Program, and its value exceeded PLN 993,000. The total investment cost was over PLN 1.2 million.

As part of the investment, the lighting in the Grunwaldzki and Parcel Zacharzewskie housing estates was modernized. The effect of the work is visible to the naked eye today. It is bright and safer for all road users: pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Apart from the visible effects of this modernization, there is one more - equally important - significant reduction in energy consumption. This, in turn, will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the operating costs of lighting infrastructure.

Lighting modernization project, titled "Reducing energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions through modernization of road lighting infrastructure", was implemented under the "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City" program, co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA FM) for 2014-2021 , the state budget under the "Local Development" Program, and the own contribution of the Municipality of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

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