Pink bicycles in the city

Pink bicycle with a trailer on the Market Square as part of the project "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City"

Special pink bicycles were parked on the Ostrów’s Promenade, Market Square and Rowiński Square. This is one of the elements of the promotional campaign of the city entitled "I'm only disabled”. The bikes have neon colours of the social campaign.
- Disability should not define anyone. A wheelchair user can repair bicycles, a blind person can be a guitarist, and a deaf person can be a sports champion… There are many examples. Each of us can develop our professional career and make our dreams come true, also despite our disability. Through the campaign "We are only disabled" we want to change the citizen’s thinking about people with disabilities, but also people with disabilities about themselves - emphasizes Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.
As part of the campaign, billboards and posters have appeared in Ostrów Wielkopolski. Children and teenagers have put special signs referring to disability in the urban space. Bikes -  in the colours of the campaign -  are another element of the project, that is supposed to draw attention and remind us that disability does not define anyone. It is only one of the elements that make up a larger whole.
- The bicycle is a symbol of the campaign. We can see it  both  on posters, billboards, and  in urban space. The bike will also appear in the promotional video. The bikes are bright pink to draw attention and catch the eye. It should be noted that disability should not define anyone. A  bike is not necessarily associated with people with disabilities, but why? After all, a wheelchair user can repair bicycles, and after all, not every disability excludes the use of a bike - says Sebastian Górski, deputy mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

Pink bicycle with a trailer on the Market Square as part of the project "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City"
The next element of the campaign is: a spot consisted of actors of Therapy Workshops and a meeting with Michał Woroch, Przemysław Kossakowski and Dariusz Peśla at the Ostrów Cultural Center.
Around 7,000 people with disabilities live in Ostrów Wielkopolski, so every tenth of us is such a person. They suffer mainly from dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, vision defects and intellectual disabilities.

The campaign "I am only disabled" - TV spots, billboards, leaflets, meetings between disabled people with residents" is a  part of the project "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City", which is implemented with the participation of funds obtained by the city from the Mechanism of the Financial European Economic Area under the "Local Development" programme.

The project's partner is the Ostrów’ Citizen for Children of Special Care Association.
Pink bicycle with a trailer on th Board with a project "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City"

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