The gim of Primary School No. 1 is almost ready


picture The gim of Primary School No. 1  is almost ready

 The gim of Primary School No. 1 is almost ready

The gymnasium in Primary School No. 1 has acquired colors and physical education
lessons will be held here again soon. The great modernization of the building is underway.
The hall, changing rooms and bathrooms are only the first stage of work. PLN 11.5 million
was allocated for a comprehensive modernization and thermal modernization of the facility.
- This is how the gym looks like in a new version! ...and soon it will be filled
with the bustle of students of Primary School No. 1. Maria Konopnicka in Ostrów Wielkopolski,
because the modernization of this part of the building is coming to an end. The locker rooms
and bathrooms are almost ready. We are in the process of assembling the doors
and finishing the rooms - stresses Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski and adds
- This is only the beginning of the great modernization of "Jedynka". In the rest of the school,
work continues where possible and safe. The planned date of completion of the investment
is autumn, but we all keep our fingers crossed that students will be able to return
to the completely renovated facility in September.
Primary School No. 1 was built in 1980. So far, the building has not been modernized
to sucha large extent. After more than 40 years, the facility was in need of renovation.
Execution of construction works in Primary School No. 1 includes adaptation of the building
to current sanitary and fire safety requirements, construction of an elevator and adaptation
of the facility for people with disabilities.
The scope also includes thermal modernization, replacement of parts of the installation,
renovation works, partial replacement of windows and doors. The investment also includes
a new monitoring and burglary and assault alarm system.

- The purpose of this task is to adapt the buildings to sanitary and fire safety requirements.
This investment will definitely increase the safety of children and school employees.
Another goal is decisive thermo-modernization activities. The cost of the investment
is PLN 11.5 million, and the thermal modernization is nearly PLN 4.3 million.
After the task is completed, the building will produce green energy thanks to photovoltaic
panels that will be installed on the roof. Thanks to this solution, the energy needs
of the facility will be satisfied to a large extent. The facility will be ecological and cheaper
to operate - explains Mikołaj Kostka, deputy mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

The investment is being carried out by NAT-BUD Zbigniew Warga company from Ostrów,
the winner of the tender.
Completion of works is scheduled for autumn 2023.

"Jedynka" is one of the largest schools in Ostrów Wielkopolski. 532 students study here.
What do they think about this investment?

The renovation of the "Jedynka" in Ostrowska is another task
of the Great City Development Program until 2023.

The investment is implemented thanks to co-financing from the EEA Financial Mechanism
2014-2021 and the state budget under the Local Development Program as one of
the investments of the "E-Ostrów 2050 - Ecological, Energy, Economic City" project.

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The gim of Primary School No. 1  is almost ready

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