"Business has big eyes" - become one of the heroes of the program

Business has big eyes

"Business has big eyes" - become one of the heroes of the program
Entrepreneurs! Become a hero of the "Business has big eyes" program. Due to the resignation of one of the participants, we are announcing additional recruitment for the "Business has big eyes" program.
Do you want to share the story of your success? Talk about your business? Inspire and infect future generations of entrepreneurs with your passion? We invite you to participate in one of the "Business has big eyes" interview series.
We welcome entrepreneurs from various industries, from large and small companies, who are not afraid to be in front of the camera and share their experiences. Whether you have just begun your business adventure or have already achieved great success, your story can certainly be an inspiration to others.
We want to talk about inspirations, discover the secrets of success, and show how one can achieve spectacular results in today's times.
We encourage you to fill out the application form and participate in the "Business has big eyes" series. This is an excellent opportunity to show how to succeed in today's times and inspire others to take on new challenges.
Become a hero of one of the episodes of the "Business has big eyes" program and take the opportunity to present yourself and your company.
The application form is available at the following link: https://forms.office.com/e/PbAiXSHsMt

Recruitment is open until October 4, 2023.

Terms of participation and submissions:

- The interviewee will be the owner/owners of the company.
- The company's headquarters/branch is located in Ostrów Wielkopolski.
- In the case of a family-owned company, the participation of two participants is allowed.
- In the case of a partnership, the participation of two partners is allowed.
- The participant(s) will consent to the distribution of their image in social media and television.
- The maximum number of companies/participants operating in the same industry with the same profile of activity is 1.
- The order of correctly submitted applications will determine eligibility.
- In the case of a larger number of applications, a waiting list will be created in the order of correctly submitted applications.
- Submissions may be made by a person representing the company as indicated in the company's registration documents.
- The participant qualified for participation will be informed of this fact by email after the recruitment process is completed.

See you during the interviews!

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