Business has big eyes... It's time to start the broadcast!

We invite you to the premiere of a series of interviews with local entrepreneurs. "Business has big eyes..." is a series of reportages combined with interviews with owners of companies from Ostrów.

Inspiration, secrets of success and achieving good results.... about this and much more with the heroes of the series, which are entrepreneurs from Ostrów from various industries, from large and small companies, who stood in front of the camera and shared their experiences. Through personal stories, viewers will have the opportunity to learn what are the key success factors in running a business in the city. What strategies do they use and how do they assess the conditions for running their business in Ostrów Wielkopolski?

In addition, a lot of interesting information about our city and how Ostrów Wielkopolski supports local entrepreneurs.

The premiere of the series of interviews "Business has big eyes..." today (February 7) at 7:20 p.m. on Proart TV and in the following days on our YouTube channel: click here.

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