"Green" stops in the city

The green and blue revolution in Ostrów Wielkopolski continues! In recent days, the number of trees and bushes in the city has increased. The streets were also decorated with "green" bus shelters.

At the streets: Wojska Polskiego, Gimnazjalna, Limanowskiego and Śmigielskiego, the old shelters were replaced with new, "green" ones.

- This is a significant step in the development of ecological and aesthetic urban infrastructure. This investment is additional greenery in a busy part of the city, which means a better microclimate, more oxygen, less air pollution - says Beata Klimek, Mayor of Ostrów Wielkopolski.

One "green stop" can produce up to 10 kg of oxygen. For passengers waiting for transport during heatwaves, it is even 10°C less!

Visually, the new "green" shelters attract attention - low vegetation is planted on their roofs, rear and side walls, which persists all year round. Ivy was also planted near the shelters, creating greenery that is pleasing to the eye and beneficial to the environment. Each stop is equipped with a rainwater drainage system, which is an additional element of a sustainable approach to water management. Wooden benches and yellow stripes on the side walls, serving as information elements for visually impaired people, complement the aesthetics and functionality of the stops.

The purchase of four "green" stops amounts to over PLN 244,000. PLN, of which over 207 thousand PLN was financed from the EEA, and over PLN 36,000. from the state budget.

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